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What is the difference between translating and interpreting?
Translating is the written transformation of content from the source language to the target language. Interpreting is the same action, but spoken.

What is a certified translation?
Only “general chartered and court certified interpreters” are authorized to provide certified translations. This sort of translation is usually required for certificates or documents which have to be presented to an official authority. You can find a comprehensive list of Austrian court-certified interpreters at

What are CAT tools?
CAT stands for Computer Aided Translation. CAT tools are intelligent software tools for translators. They make a significant contribution to the terminological and stylistic consistency of translations. They speed up the translation process, particularly for parts of a text which are repeated or similar, and reduce costs.

What does proofreading mean?
Proofreading a text involves checking for correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.

What does editing mean?
Editing a text involves checking for correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. It also means checking the accuracy of the content and the text layout.

What is the “two man rule”?
Our commitment to the “two man rule” means that all our translations are checked by a qualified proof-reader.

What does localisation mean?
Localisation is the translation and adaptation of e.g. websites or software for other cultures. In addition to the translation, the customs and conditions of the other culture are also taken into account.

What is a TM (Translation Memory)?
A Translation Memory is “translation storage”; a database where all translations of a language pair are stored. KöNiG Sprachenservice creates a Translation Memory for every language pair and customer. All documents are translated using the CAT tool SDL Trados Studio 2017.

On what basis does KöNiG Sprachenservice calculate their rates?
We calculate our rates per word of the source text.

Can urgent translations be prepared overnight or over the weekend?
For an extra charge, we also offer translations overnight and over the weekend.

How long does a translation take?
How long a translation takes depends on several factors. The length, quality and clarity of the source text, as well as the level of difficulty, all influence how long a translation takes. As a general rule, around 1,500 words can be translated per working day.